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How to install and configure a ClanSphere Template
Writer Seron at 2012-01-03 at 1:12 PM 1

  1. Download the template

    First, choose and download a template from our template-overview.
  2. Unpack the template

    Now create a new folder on your hard-drive. Unpack all files from the .zip-file
  3. Download ClanSphere from
  4. Webspace & FTP configuration

    3.a) You need now a webspace with php and one database. The most webhosters support php5 and mysql-databases. Goto your Webhoster-Homepage and login with your username and password. You should now create a new database for your homepage. Note: The database-name,username and password. You need it in the next steps.

    3.b) If you dont have a FTP-Tool, download and install "FileZilla". With this tool, you can connect with your webspace-dictionary.
  5. Upload the ClanSphere-Files with your FTP-Tool

    Connect to your FTP-Dictionary to upload the ClanSphere-Files to the Folder, which the domain is associated. This Folder is mostly called "html" or "htdocs". You can also create a new sub-folder in this folder for the Template, but in this case the Address to your Homepage changes to You can change the Domain-Fowarding in the Customer-Webinterface of you Webhoster.

    Upload all content of the main directory, excluding 'debug.php' and the directorys 'docs' and 'updates', to your webserver and grant higher directorys enough access to let install.php create an setup.php file during the installation that keeps your database-settings. Next open your browser and point it to the install.php file that gives you further instructions. (see next step)
  6. Install ClanSphere (need Databasename, Username, Password)

    Open your Webbrowser and enter the adresse of your Homepage. Now, you should get a warning, the cms-setup isn't executed. Click on the "installation"-link on this Page. Follow the steps through the installation and enter the informations from step 3a. 

    If you don't see the ClanSphere-Page and the Installation-Link in this step, make sure that the ClanSphere-Files are in the correct folder on your webspace.

    After the installation, you must open your FTP-Tool and set the Folder-Rights of the upload-folder, with all subfolders to "CHMod 777". If you have FileZilla, you can click with the right mous-key on the folder and choose "file permission". Enter Numeric Value 777 and check Recurse into subdirecotrys.
  7. Setup the Template

    You should now see the standard-template from ClanSphere. Upload the template-files ("templates" and "themes" in your ClanSphere-Dictionary (FTP).
    Login as Admin on your Site and go to:
    7.1 System -> Themes. Now choose "fx" (fx-themeset)
    If you have Problems now to open your System-Menu, Enter "admin.php" behind your address.
    7.2 System -> Templates and choose the FX-Interfaces Template.

    As a final step, you should go to System -> Themes again and delete the Chache-Files with a click on "delete chache" or go to your ftp-tool and delete the  files in the folder "uploads/chache/"
    Now everything should be fine :-)
    Have fun with the Template!
  8. Have Fun!

    Now, the CMS with the Template should be installed. You can now login with your Username and Password, which you entered in the installation. You can now begin configure and fill your portal with content. Use now the assistant-tool from clansphere to do the first steps of the configuration of your new website.


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